A Wee Night Away

2016-07-19 Residential BlogOn the 30 June to the 3 July I attended a residential with my fellow Coaching Futures Apprentices organised by sportscotland at the Edinburgh Airport Hilton Hotel.

Day one started with a workshop on “Creating a Performance Learning Environment” with John Lyle. We learned about the different ways that people learn, which can help us as coaches if we are teaching our athletes new skills or giving them information to take on board.  Also John told us that it was important to make sure as apprentices on the Coaching Futures Programme we were focussing on our own learning and making sure that we get experiences that will help us on our coaching journey.

After lunch it was time for the team building exercise, aka time for my competitive side to come out. The exercise was at a place called Escape where the group was split into two teams and locked into two separate rooms.  Each team had to undertake lots of problem solving activities leading to opening padlocked boxes, which then had clues to the next box which ultimately led to the key that would open the door to get out of the room. Obviously my team won the exercise by getting out of our room the quickest; of course it was all about teamwork but I just had to make sure I was in the winning team.

The day ended with a talk from former Coaching Futures Apprentice Kris Gilchrist, which I found very interesting as he coaches Scottish Disability Sport’s Scott Quin who is hoping to swim his way to Gold in Rio. Kris told us about his Coaching Futures journey and his journey as a full time high performance coach. The talk was very beneficial because it gave us an insight of what to expect over the three years and beyond. I would like to wish Kris and Scott all the best in Rio.

The workshop on day two was “Reflective Practice makes Perfect” led by Justine Allen. It got us thinking about the importance of both coaches and athletes to reflect. The workshop showed the different ways to reflect and I learned that maybe I reflect a lot more than I thought.  This workshop was very useful and I’m starting to put what I learned into practice.

The residential finished with time to reflect on a very successful event.


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