Let’s Go Clubbing!

2016-06-30 Lets Go Clubbing

Currently I support four boccia clubs – West Regional Squad, East Regional Squad, Dundee Boccia Club and Right On Target Boccia Club.

West Squad

My coaching journey started at the West Squad. During my playing career I picked up a shoulder injury and couldn’t train for a while. Instead of e just sitting on the couch watching Jeremy Kyle all day (other programmes are available), the coaches asked me if I could help out with coaching and the rest is history.

Now let’s talk about the club!! The club has a mixture of levels ranging from a Paralympian to players who are fairly new to the sport.  The club is finished for the summer but for some of its players it’ll be no break as they’ll be training for the GB Boccia Championships in July.

East Squad

The East Squad might not have a boccia Paralympian yet but it has Paralympic royalty in Jim “The Swim” Anderson.  Recently Jim was one many of East Squad players who took part in their own club’s competition and medals were picked up on home turf.  The club has taken a break for summer but I know there are big plans to develop the players even more after the rest period.

Dundee Boccia Club

There’s huge excitement at Dundee Boccia Club as a number of its players have been selected for the Special Olympics next year in Sheffield. I’ve only been coaching at the club for a few weeks and I’m really enjoying it.  Working with the players in a short space of time is already showing progress in the players and I look forward to continuing to work with the club.

Right On Target Boccia Club

The Right on Target Boccia Club Is suitable for anyone with a disability, whether you want to be Paralympic champion or just want to play for fun.  Right On Target is very lucky to have a great Head Coach, Jean Duncan, who is an International Boccia Official. The club is placed in Alloa and continues to show great progress, picking up medals throughout the competitions calendar.

My role within the clubs is to assist the head coaches with sessions and take sessions, if the head coach feels that’s best for their session. I also help to do training plans for the players and clubs – let’s not forget my role is to get bossed about by the players (Peter McGuire).

If you’re are interested in attending any of these clubs or interested in boccia in general then please feel to contact me  on Lewis.McConnell@scottishdisabilitysport.com and hopefully I’ll be able to point you in the right direction.


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