Lewis is Branching out!

Scottish Disability Sport has Branches throughout Scotland and I visited three of them in one week. This included a competition in Ayr, a college visit in Dumfries and a school visit followed by a competition in Aberdeen.

Monday 23 May

Ayr had a competition with over fifty players playing and students from a local college as the referees. The day was split into two with school children competing in the morning and adults taking centre stage in the afternoon. My role was to assist the young referees if needed, although to be honest the students didn’t need much help so it meant I could sit and watch the action (I do have a tough job). It was a great event with top quality action being played and it was clear that a boccia club in the Ayrshire area would be welcomed, with the children showing excitement for the sport and the adults showing their competitive edge.

Wednesday 25 May

Wednesday saw me at Dumfries College to deliver a boccia session for some of the students. The day went very well and the students seemed to really enjoy the session, showing some top quality skills. The session was a circuit with hitting the cones, target mat and boccia dodgeball then the session ended with match play. I hope the students will want to take up boccia and look forward to seeing them in the future.

Friday 27 May

I started my two days in Aberdeen at Carronhill School where I chatted to the pupils about my boccia career as a coach but also when I was a player, then it was down to business and the boccia balls were brought out. It was good to see the children getting excited about the sport and there was a competitive edge as well, although I must admit it wasn’t the pupils showing the competitiveness but in fact the teachers and support staff who were trying to do anything they could to win. I enjoyed my time at Carronhill and look forward to working with them in the future.

Saturday 28 May

It was the Grampian Games which was a very good competition with great referees. You may have guessed I was one of the referees and it was a busy day with a high standard of play on show. I was very lucky to referee three finals which gave me great experience and I really enjoyed the pressure of everybody watching due it being a final. I look forward to more boccia sessions in Aberdeen in the future.

I would like to give a big thanks to all the Branches for welcoming me and all my collegues who helped me in this busy but really enjoyable week. Also a special thanks to my PA Matthew who drove me to all the events and was there to support me.


2 thoughts on “Lewis is Branching out!”

  1. Well done Lewis. You are doing an amazing job spreading the word and your skills of Boccia. A very interesting read. I’d just like to thank you on behalf of myself, class and school for opening our eyes to the sport. Well done!


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